The Morning Show’s Ethical Considerations


**SPOILERS AHEAD** The Morning Show | Global News

Like former Today Show anchor Matt Lauer, the main character is fired for his sexual indiscretions and abuses. Throughout the show, coworkers discover that others might have helped cover up these affairs. Immediately, that impacts the Morning Show as they are short a cohost. From here, let the drama and ethical considerations begin!

During the first episode, the television network attempts to manipulate the remaining anchor into signing a contract with terms she does not prefer—meanwhile, the retained anchor interviews a local reporter over an explosive story she covered. In the process, both the network executives and the retained coanchor manipulate this small-town reporter for their purposes. 

Eventually, their conflict culminates when the retained coanchor announces the small-town reporter as her new cohost. This result both surprises the reporter and the network executives. As a result, the stunned press is now reporting nationally that the Morning Show has its new anchor team. 

One ethical dilemma that stands out is the violation of interpersonal care for the employees. The network and the anchor do not initially care about this small-town reporter. They each use her as a pawn in their game against another. Furthermore, her life is rudely interrupted due to their lack of care for one another. 

Also, while they are at this dinner affair where the new coanchor is surprised with their hiring, they each practice civility and manners on the surface. Yet, underneath, they are as backstabbing as ever. In other words, they need to not just be nice on a technicality but also implement interpersonal care. 

In the end, one can debate the necessity of ethics. One can argue that one person’s ethics is under another’s control. Either way, ethics aims to treat people fairly and kindly—something this show does not do, as it fictionally displays a communication business.