Coaching others is my passion as I get great joy helping others discover their goals and purpose. By building relationships with my clients (teams or individuals), I will help you identify your opportunities, offer a framework for your progress, and celebrate your growth with each goal achieved. We can do this informally around topics that matter to you, or formally where we discover your personality together through the use of either the Four Lenses or DISC personality assessment. Either way, know that my coaching sessions are highly ethical because they focus on only your needs and agenda.

Professionally I’m a Retired Army Officer, credentialed as a Certified Professional Leadership Coach, and will finish my credentialing with the International Coach Federation in 2021. Also, I have an M.Div from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and an M.B.A. in Strategic Leadership from the University of Tennessee.

My past clients include New York Life, Prudential Financial, Select Medical Healthcare, Entrepreneurs, Military Leaders, and Clergy. Please contact me on the “Get In Touch” tab on my website to discuss your coaching needs and contract a growth plan together!


For over 20 years, I’ve given public speeches. From within the church, to the Army, and beyond I love speaking to motivate and encourage others. To inspire others as I expose my faith without imposing my faith to anyone. My favorite topics to speak on are the following:

  1. Strategic Long-term Planning
  2. Organizational Resilience
  3. Personal Resilience
  4. Faith Related Topics


Pricing for speaking engagements are on a sliding scale and vary from client-to-client and need. Please contact me on the “Get In Touch” tab on my website to discuss specific details.


My Army experience has allowed me to specialize in a variety of formal training programs. Be it a personality assessment or a leadership training, you and your organization will walk away being a stronger team from any of the four below training programs. For more information, please contact me on the “Get In Touch” tab on my website. I would love to talk with you in detail about how any of the four training programs will benefit your team. 

  1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Team Training
  2. The Speed of Trust Team Training
  3. DISC Personality Temperament and How to Better Understand Your Team
  4. The Four Lenses Personality Temperament: Knowing Yourself Lets You Better Lead Others.