Start With Why Vs. Find Your Why Book Review/Contrast


If you’ve been in business or around leadership ideals recently, you’ve had people recommend Simon Sinek’s book, Start With Why. My recommendation is, don’t read it. 

Now, it’s a great book, but get the book’s content by going one step further. Read Sinek’s sequel to Start With Why and read the book he co-authored with David Mead and Peter Docker, Find Your Why, which summarizes Sinek’s Start With Why. 

Furthermore, Find Your Why provides practical steps to discover your “why” or your purpose. That’s why the book’s subtitle is “A Practical Guide for Discovering Your Purpose For You And Your Team.” It moves beyond just the theoretical of Start With Why and into the usefulness of actually finding your purpose. 

Start With Why is a good book; if you want to go deeper into the importance of knowing your why or purpose. However, if you only read Start With Why, you might still wonder what your why is or is not.

Read then, Find Your Why because you get the best of both the theoretical and the practical approaches. You’ll walk away with either knowing your purpose or having a better process to discover your why. A why where your work, family, hobbies, and life to be more meaningful and productive. So don’t “start with why” when you can “find your why!” 

Enjoy your journey and discovery!