Journaling: “Don’t Just Think It, Ink It!”


Unknown“Don’t just think it, ink it.”

This motivational quote can guide us in an important part of our spiritual journey, which is journaling.

As with anything there are many different ways to journal and in this article I want to share with you one of the two ways I journal. The first method will be shared today and the second method will be shared in the next post.

Also, know that while I may use two different methods, this does not mean that each person must use two methods. In fact, some people I know have difficulty using one journaling method. To be truthful, there are times I struggle with it. So I share these two methods with the hope that will inspire you. If not, then please feel free to share or modify either method in a way that enables you to grow in your faith.

Method #1: List Method and Some Narrative Writing

Often when someone thinks about journaling they picture someone writing a long narrative of something on their mind. The event could be reflections from their day, struggles they are facing, or anything else This technique is beneficial and I do use it from time to time, but it’s not how I primarily journal.

Rather, I list things out regarding a particular subject. If I feel I know enough about the topic I may even create an outline. Otherwise, I just list out words related to the subheading and date I’ve made in my journal. Then if I use the right words in my list I can refer back to it later and remember the gist of what I was thinking. If I feel more detail is needed, then I use the narrative technique mentioned earlier.

As a result, this process has allowed me to actively journal in a digestible way. This short natured approach encourages me to journal more as I don’t have to commit large chunks of time to writing. Instead, I’m free to write, as I desire. If more detail is needed, the option remains.

Final Thoughts

images-1Sometimes I’m asked, “Do you think pen and paper or technology is best for journaling?” My answer is, “Use what works best for you.” Since I believe in the power of journaling I’m not going to be strict either way.

That said, for this method I do use my smartphone than pen and paper. This is because with my active mind, a thought could come at any point and I want to jot them down ASAP. So I use my phone’s note taking feature because it’s the simplest. It’s also the most accessible for when those quick thoughts happen.

Again, if something I say inspires you and can be modified to fit you better, please change the method. The purpose is that you are journaling than not.